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Pet Blessing Christmas 2014

2014 Christmas in the City Pet Blessing
  • Introducing: Daisy - This gorgeous Chow Chow attracted plenty of attention and loved every second of it.
  • Charley Buenfeld & Family - Charley Bunefeld and his family enjoyed the Grote Business Precinct Pet Blessing at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Adelaide.
  • Festive approach - Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Grote Street, Adelaide, was dressed for the festive occasion.
  • The Jones Connection - The Jones Connection filled the air with the melodies of Christmas.
  • A family event - This pair considered the Pet Blessing to be "human friendly", so they brought their parents.
  • Saint Patrick's Catholic Church - The entrance to Saint Patrick's Catholic Church.
  • Traditional & modern carols - The Jones Connection filled the air with the joyous melodies of Christmas.
  • What's happening over there? - It took some of the four-legged attendees a while to get comfortable mingling with the crowd.
  • Charley and his big brother - Charley and his big brother.
  • Making friends - The Grote Business Precinct Pet Blessing was a great opportunity to make new friends and have some fun.
  • Stylish duo - What a stylish duo!
  • Meet & Greet - It was a friendly crowd at the Grote Business Precinct Pet Blessing.
  • Daisy & Family - Daisy with her parents
  • Chew chew chew - There's a full day of fun in a good rawhide chew!
  • Lily fashionista - Lily's Dad isn't too sure about her fashion choices, but her Mum is onside. We thought Lily was the eptiome of elegance!
  • Loves a treat - After sitting so quietly for the camera, Lily happily accepted a treat.
  • This looks like fun! - This cute Pomeranian cross was eager to get in and explore the Church grounds.
  • Hello Sushi! -
  • Keen to make friends -
  • In the name of the Father - Fr Peter Rozitis conducted the Pet Blessing at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Grote Street, Adelaide
  • Patiently waiting for the blessing -
  • Fergus & Tango - Fergus and Tango were so patient as they waited.
  • Don't I know you? - Hullo. We've met before, I think.
  • Waiting their turn - Is this the end of the queue?
  • Exhausted! - All this meeting and greeting is tiring work.
  • All God's creatures were acknowledged - Fr Peter Rozitis moved through the crowd blessing each dog with a sprinkle of Holy Water and a prayer.
  • That was fun - That was fun, Dad, can we do it again? Huh?
  • Jersey loved making friends - Jersey, held by owner Nicola, gets to know Fr. Peter Rozitis.
  • Tango, Richard & Yvonne - Grote Business Precinct sponsors Tango, a member of the Guide Dogs SA.NT team. Tango was accompanied to the Pet Blessing by Guide Dogs Marketing Manager Richard Asprey and they are pictured here with Precinct Coordinator Yvonne Merendi.

As part of the 2014 Christmas in the City celebrations, Grote Business Precinct and Saint Patrick's Catholic Church invited pet owners to participate in a special blessing ceremony held on St. Nicholas Day, Saturday 6 December.

A fabulous pack of very well behaved dogs brought their ownsrs to the Blessing, enjoying the opportunity to meet and mingle with new canine friends.

The human participants also enjoyed meeting new people and catching up with friends. They were also able to take a guided tour of St Patrick's Catholic Church, which is celebrating its Centenary this year.

Guests were entertained by The Jones Connection, who performed a great range of traditional and contemporary Christmas carols and songs. 

Father Peter conducted the Blessing Ceremony on the Church steps before moving among the crowd sprinkling his four-legged congregation with Holy water. One couldn't help but be impressed by the dogs' patience as they quietly waited their turn to try and catch the sparkling droplets flying through the air.

Commemorative ertificates were presented to all participating canines.

The Grote Business Precinct 2014 Pet Blessing was proudly supported by Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Adelaide City Council and the Rotary Club of Adelaide West.