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Green Ideas

Great Green Ideas for Businesses
  • Native garden with sensory plants - Karen attends her new garden on Grote Street.
  • Green Walls of passionfruit - Upstream Health has a fruiting car park off Grote Street.
  • Indoor Plants - Greenery softens reception areas and has a calming influence on clients.
  • Citrus Street Trees - Fresh produce for the community.
  • Rosemary hedges on Grote Street - Great for the Sunday roast.
  • Business Car park with fruiting lemon tree -
  • Recycled artworks for problem areas -
  • Window boxes low maintenance -
  • Bin areas go green -
  • Upstream Health Japanese inspired front garden -

Grote Businesses are paving the way to a greener environment with inexpensive and low maintenance ideas that will please both customers and staff.  

Ideas from native front gardens to green parking lots can be simple to do.  Gret creative using recycled buckets and plant containers to brighten up dead areas.  Window boxes are simple but effective ways to brighten up businesses and recreate healthy environments.  Just use what you have, get creative and have some fun.

Indoor plants create a calming space for clients and customers.  

Herbs and fruit trees make eatable gardens to share with neighbours.

If you have some great green ideas and success stories share with MarketQuarter and inspire others.  

Thanks to Upstream Health and Emu Link on Grote Street for sharing their stories in our Green Photo Gallery.