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Adelaide's famous Lifestyle Precinct: Market Fresh Food, Dining, Homewares, Entertainment, Accommodation


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Chinatown Adelaide

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Moonta Street
Adelaide - South Australia
(running between Grote & Gouger Streets)
less than 5 minutes walk down from Victoria Square


With impressive gates at its entrances on Gouger and Grote Streets, red lanterns, pagoda style roofs
and a maze of oriental-style restaurants and shops Chinatown is a slice of Asia right in the heart of Adelaide.

The heart and vibrancy of any city is undoubtedly the food district;
it is a place where people congregate, trade, live life and engage.

In Adelaide our food district is the Chinatown precinct and it represents a broad cross section of our
multicultural community allowing you to soak up the atmosphere and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the precinct.

For most South Australian's their first exposure to Asia is by visiting Adelaide's Chinatown
and for most Asian international tourists and students their first destination on arrival in Adelaide is Chinatown.

Chinatown Adelaide is an eclectic mix of

Chinese; Japanese; Korean; Vietnamese; Thai; Malaysian and Indian food

 Fresh Asian produce, fruit, vegetables and grocery stores

 Health providers; Cultural Dance and Performance groups; Education facilities

 Clothing; Jewellery; Souvenir and Gift Shops

... plus so much more

History of Chinatown

The first dozen Chinese labourers arrived from Singapore in Adelaide in 1847 to work as indentured shepherds.
Many Chinese people disembarked in the port towns of South Australia before travelling overland to the
Victorian goldfields due to immigration restrictions in Victoria.

Chinatown in Adelaide began to grow in the 1970s and 1980s with the influx of Asian migrants
particularly from Vietnam. Produce was sold at the Central Market by market gardeners
and this began the growth of the Asian food shops and cafés in the area.

The pagoda style roofs, red lanterns, restaurants and grocery stores are found on Moonta street,
which is the centre of Chinatown. Paifang, which is a style of traditional chinese archway,
are at the opposite entrances of Moonta street and are guarded by Chinese lion statues
which were donated by the Adelaide City Council and by the Chinese Government.