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Tindo - Solar Electric Bus

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servicing residents and Adelaide visitors
around Adelaide and North Adelaide

Recharges its Batteries from the rooftop solar cells
on the Adelaide Central Bus Station.

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Adelaide City Council's solar electric bus is the first in the world to be recharged using 100% solar energy,
and is used every day by the people of Adelaide and visitors to our City accessing Council's FREE Adelaide Connector Bus service.

Tindo is the Kaurna Aboriginal name for sun.

Tindo can seat 27 passengers in total, including 2 Wheelchair bays.

People love Tindo's clean, green and quiet Electric engines over traditional buses diesel engines.
From the moment you step on board this modern commuter bus,
you'll be struck by your silent and smooth ride around Adelaide.

Electrical energy from the solar charged batteries is fed to the motor inverter which converts this electrical energy
into a format correct for the electrical motor. An average full charge will enable Tindo to cover about 200km
with a top speed of 76km/hr.

When the vehicle slows down, the batteries are no longer driving the vehicle.
Tindo's drive motor electronically converts into a generator.
The forward motion of the bus then turns the motor/generator to generate electricity
which is stored back into the batteries. This is referred to as regenerative braking as the bus
recharges the batteries while in motion.

Keep an eye out for Tindo at any of the Connector Bus Stops around Adelaide.

We hope you enjoy YOUR ride on Tindo!