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5EBI 103.1 FM
Multicultural Radio Station

10 Byron Place
Adelaide  5000

South Australia


Location Map

(08) 8211 7635

Opening Hours

Broadcasting 24 / 7

120 hours of local programming each week

Office / Administration Hours
9am to 5pm
Monday to Friday

Car Parking

There are a selection of parks in Byron Place, although be aware of Residential Permit Parking zones active out of main business hours. Gouger Street also offers a selection of 1hr and 2hr parks just around the corner. Likewise in Grote Street.

Public Transport

MANY BUSES go down Grote Street,
there are 2 Bus Stops close to 5EBI:-

1) South Side Grote Street - city outbound
    X1 is close to Byron Place
    walk south toward Gouger Street

2) North Side Grote Street - city inbound
    B2 is close to Byron Place
    cross Grote St, walk south toward Gouger Street

You can get off the tram stop in Victoria Square and walk about 15 minutes down Grote Street, cross over Morphett Street and turn left into the 3rd Street (Byron Place) to find 5EBI

5EBI 103.1 FM Multicultural Radio

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Governor's Multicultural Awards 2020, Media 

South Australia's most comprehensive Multicultural Radio Broadcaster, representing more than 40 language groups every week.

• Music • Sport • Current Affairs • News
from locally and around the globe - in your language!

Our full on-air programme is published on our website, where you can search for the programmes of particular interest to you.

Programme Countries

Australia • Austria
Bangladesh • Bosnia-Herzigovina • Bulgaria
Cambodia • China • The Congo • Cook Islands • Croatia • Cypress
Denmark • Egypt • England • Eritrea • Fiji
Germany • Greece • Hungary
India • Indonesia • Ireland • Israel • Italy
Korea • Kurdish
Latin America • Latvia • Lithuania
Macedonia • Malta • Morocco • Myanmar
Nepal • The Netherlands
Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Russia
Samoa • Serbia • Slovakia • Scotland • Slovenia • Spain • Sudan • Switzerland
Tonga • Ukraine • Vietnam


Cambodian Radio on 5EBI was broadcast on the CBN Media Network