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Buy a Seat Her Majesty's Theatre

September 2019

A unique opportunity for patrons to buy a Seat in Her Majesty's Theatre is here. Treat yourself to a seat plaque acknowledging your donation. A plaque on the back of your chosen seat for 3 years or 25 years is available now. 

The redevelopment will be completed as a $66 million project in 2020. The State Government has provided an interest-free loan to Adelaide Festival Centre Trust. The Foundation is required to raise at least $3M to make up the difference. 

The cost of the project has increased due to unforeseen structural issues and new opportunities including a fourth level gallery and function space which will be able to operate independently of the theatre. The gallery provides an additional cultural attraction and a potential function space. 

An additional Back of House floor will provide for a new Rehearsal space which will help to alleviate the rehearsal space shortage in Adelaide and will also provide a boutique performance space. 

Her Majesty's Theatre has been entertaining Adelaide for over a hundred years. The Grand Old Dame was built as part of the legendary vaudeville circuit and in fact is the only original Tivoli theatre still standing. Through two world wars and a devastating depression, through the onslaught of talkies and television, this great theatre has steadfastly served her community. 

62 Grote Street is a modern, four level structure in harmony with the heritage-listed Her Majesty's Theatre. This redevelopment will be good for patrons, it will be good local artists and it will be good for the City of Adelaide, in particular the Grote Street Precinct.    

On re-opening, the revitalised theatre and new building will provide:

– Increased seating capacity from 970 to almost 1,500 seats
– More commercial blockbusters coming to Adelaide
– Growth in attendance to 250,000 because there will be more shows and more matinee: over recent years audiences have totalled 80,000 to 100,000/year
– New foyer spaces
– Improved disability access
– Upgraded technical equipment and orchestra pit facilities
– New modern bathrooms on each level
– Increased employment opportunities for artists and theatre staff through increased activity and capacity
– An alternative to South Australians having to travel interstate to see national and international shows
– Renewed activation of the Central Market/Chinatown/Grote Street area
– The increased audience capacity will make the theatre a more attractive and lucrative venue for music, dance, comedy, theatre and musical productions. This will in turn increase the number of performance nights and matinee sessions. 

Please support Her Majesty's theatre renewal project.
Visit or phone 08 8216 8826.