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St Mary's Beehive

July 2020

Urban beekeeping is helping to create learning opportunities about the environment at St Mary's College.

The program aims to promote active learning in sustainability, allowing students to see how practical initiatives can have outcomes far beyond their classrooms.

St Mary's College educator and Leader of Innovation, Jasmine Parasiers oversees the project and told Market Quarter, "taking learning outside the classroom is essential for building 21st Century capabilities of problem-solving, communication and collaboration". This project, which expects to harvest its first honey batch in 2021, has encouraged students of all abilities to engage with construction, apiary skills and marketing. 

Students have led the development of badges, certificates and social media posts to promote the program, with sponsors as far away as Tasmania taking up the opportunity to support this program. St Mary's College Year 11 student and project leader, Charlie has engaged with experts through webinars and completed research to ensure the establishment of the program is both beneficial for the wider community and a viable opportunity for the College.
The College has a strong social justice program and this initiative will collect money to assist apiarists who were devastated by recent bushfires. In consultation with beekeepers on staff, students have developed a “Sponsor the Bee” Program, embedding their Research Project assessment with real-world outcomes. 
Sponsors can purchase a badge for $5.00, badge and pot of honey for $10.00 or badge, certificate and their name on the founding members hive for $20.00. Donations will allow the establishment of replacement hives and plant stock to ensure the survival of new bee populations in the Adelaide Hills and on Kangaroo Island. 
The beehive, situated on the roof the Science Labs, will be connected to a live stream 'Bee Cam' allowing students to watch the bees as they “waggle dance” in and out of the hive.

To sponsor a bee click here.