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Grote Street Trees Saved

February 2021

Science and commonsense prevailed at the Adelaide City Council meeting this week when a motion to remove 100 newly planted lemon scented gums from Grote Street and Prospect Road was resoundingly defeated. Just two votes in favour.
Prior to the meeting, all Elected Members received a letter highlighting the flaws in the motion that was jointly signed by representatives of
the Conservation Council of SA,
AILA SA Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
 Grote Business Precinct
Trees For Life (SA)
SA Nature Alliance
Nature Conservation Society of South Australia
and 20 Metre Trees - Discussion Group
The letter pointed out that:
"There is no evidence that gum trees are subject to shedding limbs more than any other tree species; any tree related deaths correlated to particular species is on the basis of the abundance of that species present in a particular location. As we live in South Australia, and have more 'gum trees', we notice more limbs on the ground from gum trees*. However, if we lived in an area where more elms or pine trees are present than any other species, then elm or pine trees might be regarded as fatal culprits."
It further noted:
"It should be noted that neither of the recent fatalities in South Australia were caused by lemon scented gums (Corymbia citriodora). One was a River red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis), the other an Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides)."
Charlene Ackland, President of Grote Business Precinct said, Our members look forward to these trees flourishing and providing a beautiful, cooling and fragrant canopy for our area.

*NB Corymbria citriodora isn't actually a gum tree.