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Bring home Big Santa

May 2021

Bring Big Santa Back to Central Market
Yes big things do matter.  Preserving our precious heritage does matter and it's not just about buildings.   As Greg Mackie, Chief Executive at the History Trust of SA says,  Objects of 'moveable cultural heritage” will help South Australians in the present and the future better understand how our past shapes us today and how past and present matter to the future”, 
Big Santa has been absent for 2 years awaiting costly repairs after decades of wear and tear.  His much needed facelift has been put on the back burner with an estimated $40,000 in repairs and $90,000 display costs.
GBP supports saving Big Santa for future generations.    Have a big heart for our Santa so he doesn't end up on the scrap heap and returns to his rightful home on Grote Street.    
Tell us what you think and who should pay for his repair and upkeep.   Let's hope for a Christmas miracle on Grote Street.