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Richard's Story to tell

August 2019

Richard Armour has served our community for 40 years!

Richard Armour from Armour Allen Lawyers is a founding member of the Grote Business Precinct and currently, Grote Business Precinct's longest serving committee member , having been a past Vice President and legal advisor to the Committee for almost 20 years.

First established by an enthusiastic group of likeminded local business leaders looking for progress and change in their business and local community, supported by local Councillors and the City of Adelaide, the Grote Street Business Association Inc  (GSBA) was first incorporated in May 2000.  

Deb Lavis of Eco Tile Factory in Grote Street was the inaugural President. She initially approached Richard who was then the only lawyer in Grote Street to assist with the Constitutions and other legal matters and has been on the committee as it's legal advisor since day one.

Looking forward to celebrating the Association's 20thbirthday in 2020, Richard says that it was Deb's enthusiasm, dedication and entrepreneurial flair that was the driving force behind the organisation which “infected” all who surrounded her and has led to the long term success of the group. 

Armour Allen Lawyers has 40 yeas experience, working all over Australia, practising in every State and Territory The firm first began in 1979 in Pirie Street in the old Queensland Insurance Building, subsequently demolished to make way for the now Telstra Tower. Richard recalls that when his very first client walked in the door, Richard was painting the walls in his overalls and the visitor refused to believe Richard was actually a lawyer. 

The firm then moved to Wakefield Street, near the House Of Chow into a 2 storey blue stone “mansion” as they call them, now occupied by Bernard Booth Real Estate. That building was later fire bombed, “allegedly” by an irate client from Sydney (not one of Richard's) and so he then relocated to Grote Street, on top of the then TAB on the corner of California Street, just next to Chinatown.

Richard then moved across the road to the building which is now part of Her Majesty's redevelopment, previously the Hazelgrove Hardware Store.

The building was sold to a Chinese developer after Richard told the developer over lunch that there was no height restrictions in that area and that if the developer built apartments as high as Her Majesty's, one would be able to see the ocean is unbeknown to many, the CBD sits on a plateau and with the elevation that provides, the ocean can be seen from that height.

Richard sold the building and moved into the adjoining street, Rowlands Place.  The developer subsequently bought the building in Rowlands Place as well where there is now a block of high-rise apartments “as high as Her Majesty's”.

After Rowlands place Armour Allen moved to 329 King William Street and then to 47 Wright Street. The Firm has since amalgamated with Alex Mandry Legal Group and is now back again in 329 King William Street after the building was extensively refurbished. 

Since the move to Grote Street, Richard has been actively involved in the Precinct for 20 years.

Richard was instrumental in partnering GBP with the Rotary Club of Adelaide West.   The partnership still continues today with a number of projects benefiting Rotary and the City of Adelaide. 

Richard most recently greatly contributed to dramatic changes to the Constitution to bring GBP in line with modern technology and communication tools in conducting meetings, enabling meeting to be conducted over social media, Skype, Facetime and all “yet uninvented” means of electronic communication. 

On the 1st July 2019 Armour and Allen merged with Alex Mandry Legal Group, situated at 329 King William Street, where Richard now works as a consultant.   

Richard Armour is continuing as Grote Business Precinct's legal advisor.